Are you a designer looking for a technical backstop?

Here at Assembler, we’re happy to come up with creative ways to work with other businesses, as we believe the key to running a successful business is to build a successful network.

Recently I have been working with a couple of design agencies to help them get web development projects out the door for their clients. The people at these agencies are relatively tech savvy, but they’re not programmers. They can find their way around a Content Management System, but they also know their limits. 

This is where I step in. I’ve been helping them to get up and running with Wordpress and a base theme, along with the hosting and deployment to give them a platform off of which to work. This gives them the ideal place from which to kick off their project, and when they run into a problem, they can simply ask me to jump in and help out. 

This sort of arrangement works really well for both of us. Wordpress, when paired up with a modern page builder, allows these designers to do the majority of the website on their own, but more importantly, it allows them to design on the fly and make decisions about what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of an outcome. 

As developers, this is always a huge challenge. If we’re handed a design and told “implement this”, we don’t get to make the call on what is an acceptable solution. We can’t decide what is and isn’t important to the client, what is and isn’t something you absolutely require us to do from a design perspective, we have no idea, so we have to treat the entire project as being of critical importance. 

The problem with that is that it’s deeply inefficient. There’s plenty of times that, as a designer, you’d be perfectly happy to accept whatever the template spits out by default, but as developers, how are we supposed to know that? 

This is why this solution of working with designers as a technical backstop is working so well. We provide a platform that lets designers make those decisions and get the website to the 80% mark that the tools provide, then we step in and fix only what needs fixing to get it across the line. 

It’s also an efficient use of OUR time - there’s no sense us as developers entering content and moving boxes about in an editor. We’re better off doing html and css, or writing custom modules. 

So if you’re a designer, or know a design agency struggling with the technicals, then come talk to us here at Assembler. I’m sure we can come up with a creative solution that solves both of our needs, and gets your clients the results that they’re looking for! 

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