Why Assembler?

Assembler is a web development agency that delivers custom designed and developed websites starting around the $5k mark. What sets Assembler apart is that our processes and methodologies are taken from agencies that build $1m+ websites, which allows us to deliver a much higher quality product than you would typically expect for the prices we charge.
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Custom User Experience Design that works

Anyone can build you a website - you can build it yourself using Squarespace or Wix if you want. What sets us apart is that we use the formal User Centered Design methodology, an established and proven best-practice process for designing websites that meet the needs of your users. The simplest way to convert your visitors into paying customers is to give them exactly what they’re looking for, without any hurdles in their way - and this is exactly what UCD helps us to deliver. 

project management methodologies

Formal Project Management methodologies

Years of experience delivering big projects at one of Perth’s biggest agencies have given me a head start when it comes to managing projects for small business clients - I know what works and what the pitfalls are. By aligning with the formal Agile Scrum methodology, we can embrace the twists and turns of the project delivery process, and reliably deliver the outcome you expect for the budget you’ve agreed upon. 

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A focus on delivering quality

We have adopted the software development industry’s technological best-practices for end-to-end quality software management and delivery. If the agency you’re talking to doesn’t have a complete DevOps toolchain they can demonstrate to you, then you haven’t see how modern development is really done. 

secure hosting

Security, Support and Maintenance

Security is an oft-overlooked aspect of web development, until your website gets hacked that is… making sure that your website is secure, up to date and maintained isn’t difficult, but it doesn’t happen by itself. Assembler has a comprehensive managed hosting service that ensures your website is intrusion-hardened and robust, 24x7. 

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