Drupal for Small Business.

Drupal is an ideal fit for small businesses looking to do something a little more customised than an off-the-shelf Wordpress template. Is your business ready to start marketing themselves online?

How does Drupal work for Small Businesses?

Drupal’s power comes in its flexibility. Without getting too deep into the technology, Wordpress is a platform that has made the deliberate choice to keep itself simple enough for non-programmers to install and configure a Wordpress website.

Drupal on the other hand has made the decision to become a platform for developers. While you, as the site owner, still log in and edit all your content as usual, your developers have a toolset at their disposal that is much more powerful, flexible and capable of delivering *anything*.

This means that Drupal is a platform you can use to grow your business. Wordpress works when what you’re trying to achieve lines up exactly with what it offers, but Drupal lets you do anything, at any time. Start small, grow big, all on the one platform.

What makes Drupal the right choice?

The honest truth is that once you start looking at custom designed websites, where you’re building your own theme and not just using something off the shelf, it doesn’t matter which platform you use, it all takes more or less the same amount of time. So why not go with a platform that is going to scale with you? If I had a dollar for every Drupal project that started as a business outgrew their Wordpress site, I’d be a very rich man. Wordpress is a great place for a business that’s just starting out, but as your business grows, Drupal is able to grow with you.

Where do I get started?

If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to contact us at the form below. Whether you’re a brand new business or a business that’s taking the next step into online marketing, our decades of experience can help guide you along the right path.

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