Drupal Auditing.

We offer a Drupal Website Auditing service to owners of existing websites who are looking for a second opinion on the quality and performance of their site.

Has your website been built right?

Not all Drupal websites are built the same. Our Drupal Website Auditing service is specifically designed with this in mind. The best practices when it comes to Drupal development are constantly evolving, and if you have concerns over the speed, stability or performance of your existing website, it may well be that your developers have missed something.

Our auditing service is designed to enable clients with an existing Drupal website to have a second set of eyes go over everything that’s been done, and produce a deliverable report that outlines what’s been done, whether it conforms with best practices, and any recommendations we might have.

Not every audit results in changes being required, but our report can be used either by your existing developers to make improvements, or by our own talented team of Drupal developers to get your site up to scratch.

What does a report entail?

First of all, we run your website through the usual external tests to identify any major issues - e.g. PageSpeed Insights to test performance, the W3C Validator to make sure your HTML is structurally correct, plus more.

Once we have established a baseline, we then go through your website’s internal data structures (Content types, Views, Blocks and so on), your website’s Theme, and a line-by-line look through any custom modules you’ve created, and use this to analyze the quality of the work that has been done.

All this is gathered into a report with filled with usable actions that will get you started on the path to fixing whatever issues your Drupal site may have.

How do I get started?

If you have concerns about your existing website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Audits are surprisingly cost-effective, and the value you get out of having an independent assessment of your website is enormous.

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