Drupal Support and Maintenance.

We recognize just how crucial ongoing Drupal support and maintenance for your website is. Nothing sours a relationship more than having to wait three weeks to get a 15 minute change done. This is why we have a robust support infrastructure in place to ensure timely support and maintenance on your website.

Launching your website is just the beginning 

A successful website requires continual improvement, or else you’ll be left behind by your competitors who are working hard on improving theirs. Assembler is designed from the ground up to be your digital development partner - we don’t just hand you the keys and leave you to it, we’re setup to help you through every step on your digital journey. 

Website security requires constant vigilance 

The sad reality of today’s Internet is that if you’re not keeping your website patched and up to date, it is just a matter of time before it gets hacked. The impact of such an event could range from mildly embarrassing to catastrophic. Fortunately there’s things we can do to minimise the chances of your website being compromised. 

First and foremost is to have patches deployed on a timely schedule, which is something we offer as part of our comprehensive Drupal Web Hosting package. We take care not only of the regular cycle of patches that need applying, but also take care of the emergency patches, where if they’re not applied, your website could be compromised within a matter of hours. 

Flexible billing options

For some clients, they like the flexibility of being billed ad hoc for the work that has been done. For others, they prefer the surety of a monthly retainer they can use as required. We are happy to craft a solution that suits, and ensures you get the support you need at a rate you’re comfortable with. 

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