Who uses Drupal?

Drupal is one of the “big three” CMSes in use today, and is in use by well over one million websites. Drupal is particularly popular here in Australia, read on to find out more. 

Drupal is used by some of the biggest names on the planet

The following is a quick selection of some of the big name Drupal sites out there in production today. I’ve tried to keep this list just to the “top level” domains for the companies involved, so it’s their main site, not a subsite like how Ebay and Twitter are using Drupal. Of course there are many, many more not listed here! 


Drupal is the platform of choice for the Australian Government 

One of the reasons Drupal has such a strong community here in Australia, with hundreds of Drupal agencies and thousands of qualified developers, is that the federal government chose Drupal as the platform for building GovCMS. GovCMS is an initiative to provide government agencies, local, state and federal, with a common platform packed full of the functionality that government agencies require, that’s robust, secure, and meets the standards set out in the Digital Service Standard, a document designed by the Digital Transformation Agency to provide a series of best practices that government agencies should meet for their online presence. 

With the federal government being behind Drupal in this way, it’s meant there’s plenty of scope for web development agencies in the country to increase their investment into the Drupal platform, and the community that has developed around it. What this means for you is that Drupal is a fantastic pick to base your digital strategy around - it’s powerful, flexible, and enjoys a solid base of commercial support across the country. 

Drupal is used by small business too! 

Drupal is the ideal platform for when you have outgrown your first website. If all you need is essentially an online business card, then you should be looking at a service like Squarespace or Wix. But for millions of businesses across the planet that have made the step into online marketing and are actively working on promoting their businesses online, Drupal has been the ideal choice. Drupal continues to grow from strength to strength, and while it doesn’t suit *every* business, when you’re ready to get serious online, then Drupal is ready to get serious with you. 

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