Why use Drupal?

Drupal’s popularity isn’t just dumb luck, there’s several reasons why Drupal stands out from the rest of its competitors, such as its power and flexibility, and its enormous developer community.

Drupal has an enormous community

Probably the single most important reason for using Drupal is that it has the support of an enormous community of designers, developers and the Drupal organisation itself. This gives Drupal something that the endless thousands of flash-in-the-pan CMSes don’t have - momentum. 

There are tens of thousands of qualified Drupal developers, you’ll never have trouble finding someone who can work on your site 
If you ever run into a problem, chances are someone else has too - you’re probably just a quick Google search away from the solution. 
Drupal keeps getting bigger and better with every release, and the number of contributors keeps increasing 
When new technologies arrive, there’s a rush to integrate them with Drupal, just because of the sheer size of the platform and the vast number of users. 

Almost every software project that’s ever been started fails to reach the point where it’s self sustaining - there’s a flurry of interest at the start, and then people lose interest, and it dies off. With Drupal, it’s the exact opposite - it’s long since passed that “critical mass”, and now it just keeps growing and growing. 

Drupal is the most powerful of its competitors

Drupal is one of the “big three” CMSes, the other two being Wordpress and Joomla. All three have enormous communities and are widely used across the globe, but out of the three of them, Drupal is definitely the most flexible and powerful. 

Drupal is often referred to as a Content Management FRAMEWORK - it’s so flexible, it almost makes more sense to see it as a toolkit that you can use to build CMSes with. 

What this means is that no matter what sort of website you might require, Drupal is a platform that can grow with your needs. You can paint yourself into a corner with some CMSes, there are definite walls in terms of their capabilities, but Drupal is flexible and powerful enough to solve almost any problem you can throw at it. 

Drupal has a significant presence in Australia

As well as being popular amongst Australian businesses both large and small, Drupal has a cemented itself at the forefront of our nation’s technology choices by being selected as the platform underlying our federal government’s GovCMS program. 

GovCMS is a federal government initiative to create a platform for government agencies to deliver modern, responsive websites, without each agency having to reinvent the wheel every time. 

At the time of writing there are 233 websites across 77 agencies currently using the GovCMS platform, which has been a remarkable uptake for the handful of years it has been in operation. 

All of this means that Drupal’s presence here in Australia is only getting stronger. More and more agencies are supporting Drupal, as the increase in government and enterprise customers choosing continues to rise. As a platform to base your digital strategy around, Drupal is about as safe a choice as it is possible to make! 

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