Managed Web Hosting.

Our fully managed web hosting services are design to "just work" - we monitor, manage and maintain everything so that you don't have to

Every web hosting company is going to tell you theirs is the fastest and best and the cheapest thing on the planet, but the honest truth is that all those services only sell web hosting as a service, they all conveniently forget to tell you that you’re on your own when it comes to actually managing and deploying your website - they just sell the space, managing it is your job!

This is why Assembler offers a fully managed web hosting service - we simply take care of everything for you. From uploading your website to monitoring it for uptime and taking nightly backups, we offer a comprehensive solution that operates either standalone or as a part of our broader web development services.

Most customers aren’t tech savvy or sufficiently interested enough to manage their own web hosting - you just want it to work. Our service is designed around exactly that; everything that we’ve implemented is to ensure that it continues to “just work”, and that you’ll never have to think about it.

You can also rest assured that in terms of performance, you’re not missing out - we host our websites on Amazon’s AWS service hosted out of Sydney. The underlying infrastructure is just as fast as what any other web hosting company is going to offer, because most of them use AWS too.

By using AWS we don’t have to worry about all of the redundancy issues associated with hosting and managing our own hardware, we can focus our efforts on making sure the servers are well monitored and reliably backed up.

Our managed web hosting isn’t the cheapest in the world, and nor does it pretend to be - but you definitely get what you pay for. If you don’t want to micromanage technical details yourself, and you just want the peace of mind of knowing that your website is available, fast, secure and backed up, then we’re the agency to speak to.


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