Website Design Services.

Our design service provides the link between aesthetic design and the underlying functionality needed for SEO and your other marketing goals.

As part of our comprehensive website design and development services, we provide website design capability to our clients. Our service is set apart from our competitors through a few key features:

  • While we are not a marketing agency, we understand how to work within your existing marketing strategy, and to ensure your website design meets your brand objectives
  • While we are not an SEO agency, we understand SEO from the ground up, and can design accordingly; from SEO-heavy designs that take into full consideration every page-level optimisation construct, through to purely aesthetic design with no SEO considerations whatsoever. If SEO is important to you, we also actively encourage you to engage with an SEO agency during the design process, and we will happily work with them.
  • We use a process known as User Centered Design to focus the content of the website around the people who will actually be using it. On the surface of it, this doesn’t seem like a radical concept, but you would be surprised how much design is done to appease competing stakeholders, or simply by copying their competitors’ sites wholesale.

The design process is two-phased. First, we go through a “wireframing” phase, where the elements of the site are laid out using line-art, so we can determine the structural details of the site without having to consider any aesthetics.

The second phase is the “design” phase, where a visual designer applies a coat of paint to the wireframes, and turns it into what you’d think of as a design. The designer is responsible for ensuring that whatever graphical elements are added to your site, they are in keeping with your desired aesthetics, and meet your brand guidelines.

The reason these two phases are so important is that unless you wireframe first, then you won’t be able to establish any of the marketing, SEO or User-focused design elements that the website requires. A graphic designer will make it pretty, sure, but it isn’t their job to understand the details behind how a website is constructed from a technical perspective.

If you would like to chat about our website design services, or indeed any of our broader range of development and maintenance services, please feel free to get in touch - we’re happy to have an open and honest chat, no high pressure sales pitch, promise!

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