Shopify Support and Development.

Assembler helps Shopify retailers to customise their stores and grow their businesses.

If you are a business that is looking to get started in the world of Ecommerce, then we cannot recommend Shopify highly enough. 

What is Shopify? It’s a Software as a Service product that allows you to set up your own Ecommerce store with a minimum of fuss. It comes with off the shelf designs, or you can design your own, and you can honestly be up and running and selling products within a matter of hours. 

The beauty of Shopify however, is that it takes care of some of the really hard parts of doing Ecommerce right. First of all, it scales. Ecommerce is a funny old game, and if your product gets listed on a popular blog, you could find yourself with a FLOOD of traffic, all hitting within a matter of minutes. Scaling a Wordpress or Drupal site to handle this sort of thing is a deeply complex problem, but with Shopify? It just works. 

Part of what makes Shopify an appealing option for smaller retailers is that it doesn’t give you too many options - it does what it does, and it lets you focus on selling products. Sure, you can extend it with modules, but unlike a custom Ecommerce platform, where you have to make every decision as to how it’s going to work and what’s going to go where, with Shopify, all of that is taken care of. You put up your products, and start selling them. 

Shopify is also simple enough for you to set up yourself! So where does Assembler come in to all of this? We can help design and implement a custom design for you, or to alter an off the shelf design. We can provide advice and implementation assistance with installing additional features, and we can provide general support and problem solving assistance throughout your Shopify journey, to ensure that your experience is trouble-free. 

Sure, eventually you’ll outgrow Shopify, but by the time you do, you’ll be a successful online retailer. It’s a good problem to have! If you’d like to get your start in the world of Ecommerce, or if you’re having issues with your current site and would like some advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! 

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