The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.

If agencies can't get their support and maintenance offering in order, their customers will suffer.
Written by Cameron Germein

Most small web agencies overlook the importance of post-launch support and maintenance. Typically what happens is that the developer who worked on your project will move onto another project, and they will only be able to spare a few hours per week to look at support requests for work they’ve done in the past. Then they complete that project and move onto another one, and then onto another one, and before you know it they’re carrying the support burden for dozens of websites, all while trying to get new projects completed. So, that 15 minute change you asked for three weeks ago still hasn’t been done… 

Having seen this scenario play out a hundred times, and full well understanding that this exact scenario is one of the highest causes of customer churn, we have implemented Support and Maintenance as a core business function within Assembler from day one. 

What does this mean? In short, we tackle this issue through two main processes. Firstly, we have a fully managed online support board, where every request is captured and managed, from commencement through to completion. This ensures that nothing gets missed, and when you send in a request, it won’t get forgotten in someone’s inbox. Support is fully managed through your own personalised login, and at any point you can see the status of any of your outstanding tickets. 

Secondly, support is staffed independently to development. This allows us to ensure that the competing priorities that cause support to suffer aren’t a factor here at Assembler. Even though we are still a small business, we recognise the importance of support, and ensuring a timely turnaround of your requests. 



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