Assembler are Drupal development experts.

Backed by over a decade of experience with Drupal, Assembler has the capability to deliver beautiful and functional websites at a price that small businesses can afford.


Drupal development based right here in Perth

Assembler is based in Perth, Western Australia, providing Drupal development services to our clients across the state, and across the rest of the country. We pride ourselves on working with the local small business community, and we have partnered with a number of other complementary Perth-based agencies to deliver full service solutions to our clients.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System, which is a piece of software that enables you, the site owner, to add and edit the content on your website from a simple web-based login. It also provides us, as developers, with a framework of tools we use to customise your website into whatever your requirements may be.

Why use Drupal?

There are many Content Management Systems out there, but Drupal stands alone in being the most powerful and flexible of the “big three” platforms in use today. No other CMS is as widely used and as capable as Drupal.

Who uses Drupal?

Drupal is in use at some of the largest brand-names on the planet, and right here in Australia, has a very special place at the heart of our government. Drupal is a hugely popular choice for Australian businesses, both large and small.

Drupal for Small Business

Drupal is the perfect fit for small businesses who are looking to make a difference. Drupal is the perfect platform for implementing your custom designs cheaply and efficiently, ensuring that your website doesn’t look like the same old templates that everyone else is using.

Drupal for Enterprise / Govt.

Likewise, Drupal is the perfect fit for large businesses and government agencies, local, state and federal. Its unmatched combination of power and flexibility amongst the “big three” CMSes means Drupal is a platform you can safely base your digital strategy upon.

Drupal Services

Drupal Web Design

Assembler provides a detailed website design service, including for Drupal sites. Unlike most agencies, we don’t just make it up as we’re going, we use formal methodologies to help work out what design will work best for your end users’ needs.

Drupal Web Development

Web development is at the core of what Assembler offers. From simple but functional websites through to complex custom Ecommerce creations, we have years of experience developing Drupal websites, backed by Drupal certified developers.

Drupal Web Hosting

Assembler provides fully managed web hosting services for Drupal websites, with a difference - unlike an ordinary hosting company, we know Drupal inside and out, so if anything goes wrong with your website, we can actually fix it.

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting weeks to get a half-hour change made to your website, which is why we have a dedicated support infrastructure to ensure that when you need something done, that it gets turned around quickly and efficiently.

Drupal Website Auditing

Do you have an existing Drupal website that you’d like to get a second opinion on? Our Drupal Auditing service delivers you a comprehensive report examining your site's security, standards compliance, and more.

Drupal FAQs

This is a series of Frequently Asked Questions about Drupal. Most clients when first starting out with Drupal have a number of questions about the platform and how it operates, we hope that the answers you’ll find here are useful.

Drupal Glossary

The world of Content Management Systems can be daunting to non-technical folks; our glossary of Drupal-related terms is designed to help to alleviate some of the confusion around specific terms that are used in Drupal circles, such as “node” and “taxonomy”.

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